Micro iDAC

$ 2,500 $ 1,500

A fantastic dynamic range means more of everything. More detail, more musical, and most of all: more fun. When it’s relaxation time – your ears will be treated to a rarefied, luxurious sound. All your music will sound striking on the iDAC.
With 3 dedicated internal power supplies, they provide a clean environment for the DAC to produce high-resolution audio. Augmented by the ESS Hyperstream Chipset — typically reserved for expensive high-end audio equipment, music reproduction is startling realistic.

Resolution matters. Yet the realism of playback matters more. These are all determined by a number of factors — like the USB interface technology, power supply quality, and the analogue output stage. The iDAC uses a highly-advanced Asynchronous/Jitterless USB interface (trickle-down technology from AMR’s high-end audio equipment) to give not just good but perfect audio transfer.

Signal to Noise Ratio
Dynamic Range(-60dBFs)
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD)
Below measurement limit
Frequency Response
3Hz to 33KHz + 0.1dB/0.3dB
Headphone section
Output Power
>150mW (15Ω)
Output Voltage
>3.3V (>100Ω)
Signal to Noise Ratio
>97dB(A) (400mV/300R
Total Harmonic Distortion
<0.003% (400mV/300R)
Output Impedance(Zout)
Power Consumption
< 2.5W
265g(0.58 lbs)