Pro iDSD 4.4

$ 23,400

Every section in the Pro iDSD has received massive attention to detail. Classic, very low-noise design techniques
found in tube equipment have been combined with 21st century tech to deliver extreme performance.
Sample rates: PCM up to 768kHz
DSD up to 49.152MHz (DSD 1024)
MQA up to 384/352.8kHz
DXD and double-speed DXD (2xDXD)
Inputs: USB (required for DSD, DXD and sample rates above 192KHz)
AES3 (XLR - single link)
S/PDIF (coaxial/optical combo)
BNC multifunction (S/PDIF in or sync input)
Outputs: Balanced XLR at 4.6V (+15.5dBu - HiFi) or 10V (+22dBu - Pro)
Single-Ended RCA at 2.3V (HiFi) or 5V (Pro)
Headphones 6.3mm & SE 3.5mm jack at 0.55V/2.1V/5V (Output impedance < 1 Ohm)
Headphones BAL 4.4mm jack at 1.13V/4.6V/10V (Output impedance < 2 Ohm)
Headphones out 1,500mW RMS x 2 @ 64 Ohm, 4,000mW max. x 2 @ 16 Ohm
Volume control: Balanced (6-gang) Alps potentiometer, motorised with IR remote control
XLR/RCA outputs can be selected as xed level or adjusted
6.3mm headphone jack is always adjusted
Other Functions: Various digital and analogue lters can be selected for DSD and PCM up to 384KHz