Heritage Line
SACD Driver
(Include Remote Control)

$ 384,999

The Heritage SACD has been developed with all the newest technologies available on the market. It integrates the VMK-5 mechanism from Esoteric. This product comes with a new 4.3" TFT LCD to display all the new features of this CD / SACD. The addition of a D/A Converter card to the SACD Drive allow you to use it as a Player.

The Orpheus Heritage line is the state of the art audio performance and design. We are talking about pure audio performance so our goal is to play the music as it has precisely been recorded, without any inappropriate modification of the sound. It is obvious that to achieve this goal no compromises had to be made in selection of materials and components used inside the machine.

The SACD drive integrates the new VMK-5 mechanism from Esoteric with the VRDS technology that minimizes frictions and stresses on the electrical engine. This is why the playback speed is very smooth and the system extremely quiet. A new oversized power supply integrating the newest technologies of AC/DC and DC/DC regulation is used to get the best audio performances. This new power supply limits the power loss converted in useless heat, this in order to increase the life of components.

A new 4.3 ‘’ LCD screen with more than 16Mio colour and brightness control on 255 steps is used. The signal board has been developed to precisely control the correct path of the digital data and also includes a self-monitoring error system. This player also incorporates the new up sampling module with a Asynchrous Data Processor (ADP) and the new Master Clock Generator (MCG) system. To get the best audio performance of the D/A converter from the same line, the SACD Heritage integrates a DSD output and a word clock out connector in order to minimize the jitter.

The SACD drive Heritage is composed by one stylish treated aluminium box. The front panel is composed of the IR receiver, a standby LED, the tray of the SACD mechanism, the LCD screen and the illuminated logo. The command buttons are place on the right side of the device. Orpheus logo is carved into the front panel by using delicate and special mechanical process. When the unit is turned on, a beautiful backlight illuminates the logo and indicates to the user that the device is ready to operate. The marvellous curve of the front panel reminds the wave of the Orpheus logo with class and very refined style. This product is not only a spectacular audio device but also a state of the art mechanical design.

Upsampling CD/SACD player or transport
Drive mechanism
Esoteric™ VRDS VMK-5, CD and SACD mechanism.
CD loading type
Tray loading
Disc compatibility
Digital outputs
1 x Orpheus DSD 1 x AES/EBU (24 bits @ 192KHz) 1 x S/PDIF (24 bits @ 192KHz) 1 x Toslink (24 bits @ 192KHz)
Analog outputs
2 x Balanced (XLR) 2 x Unbalanced (RCA)
Word clock I/O
Word clock out (44.1KHz, 48KHz, 96KHz, 192KHz)
Master Clock Generator (MCG) Asynchronous Data Processor (ADP)
Remote control
Aluminium remote control provided
Dimensions (WxLxH)
440 x 420 x 140 mm
18.6 Kg (SACD Drive)