SEGUE ISO Size 19" x 21"

$ 6,699

Segue ISO Platform
The Segue ISO takes up where the standard Segue leaves off - by adding a special, newly designed 5-footer isolation system that isolates difficult vertical waves that plague turntables without the colorations, distortions and compromise of previous vertical isolation systems.

Placed under turntables, and especially suspensionless, solid-plinth turntables, the Segue ISO provides a new dimension of musical transparency without adding the resonances, colorations, and unwanted artifacts that are the bane of conventional isolation platforms using rubber balls, polymer layers, magnets, cones or air bags.

The Technology
The Segue ISO combines Symposium damped-layer technology with a breakthrough in footer isolation to provide both low frequency isolation AND audible spectrum damping. Usually, isolation platforms may provide one or the other function, but not both at once. The Segue ISO is the first platform to provide both functions at an affordable price, and will match or exceed the performance of most isolation platforms at up to triple its price, or more.

Dimensions and Weight
The Segue ISO is 2.25" (2 1/4") or approximately 5.7 cm height with no load, and 1.75" (1 3/4") or approximately 4.4 cm height with maximum weight load. Large Size: 21 x 19 (53cm x 48cm)
MD or Medium Duty:
For turntables and components up to 80 pounds (about 36 kG)