$ 1,420,000
Kagura 211 parallel single ended monaural power amplifier has been accomplished by putting every know-how that Audio Note/Kondo created.
The world of elastic and coordinated sounds can be delineated only by analog amplifier, where music breathes of original sounds are brought back.
The new perspective flagship power amplifier is how Audio Note/Kondo would really like to be listened to by those who have been indulged in the deep charm of music.


$ 710,000
1989, the year of the bright history of Audio Note.
Audio Note's ONGAKU was born this year, instantly attracted attentions from audiophile around the world.
Audio Note's vacuum tube amplifiers started shipping overseas. Reviewers from leading audio magazines, e.g. "Hi-Fi Choice", "Audiophile" from UK and "The Absolute Sound" from US, reported their surprises and appreciations about the good sound qualities which they had never heard of. Among them, ONGAKU which employed big size power tubes 211 in the amplification stage; stole the hearts of audio fans with her overwhelming expression of rich musical details.
ONGAKU's magic and its good comments are still spinning around the world without slowing down.
Audio Note's high reputation and good comments are building up on this solid platform.


$ 799,999
Product 300B push-pull monaural poweramplifier
model Gakuoh II
Rated power 20W @1kHz, 5% THD
Frequency response 10Hz ~ 40kHz (+0dB -3dB @ 1W)
Input / Impedance 2pairs (RCA, XLR, unbalanced) / 70kΩ
Output Select two from 4Ω, 8Ω, 16Ω when order
Noise lower than 1mV
Vacuum tube 300B x2, 6CG7 x2, 6072 x1, GZ34 x2
Power consumption 120W
Dimension 294mm(W) 284mm(H) 485mm(D) (excluding protrusions)


$ 489,999
Many people challenged and poured much energy into audio engineering in respects of new technologies and techniques, new systems, and new materials to improve reproduction sounds since Thomas Edison invented Phonograph, having fruited with great progress nowadays. However, it seems that we had reached a limit, and I wondered whether all these efforts were worth success. Maybe we needed to reflect on the past. Hence a new approach to "improve sounds".

Audio markets are flooded with "mere 300B amplifiers" with known brand labels. KEGON delivers completely different "sounds" from them. The birth of a power amplifier that reproduces "refined" and "proper" music in tremendously high resolution.


$ 379,999

-Newly developed driver circuit unleashed the full potential of 2A3 which had never been achieved.
-High quality handcrafting with module style amplifier sections. Kondo original parts and silver wires are adopted.
-Parallel single ended circuit to get the best of both sound quality and useful power.
-Full copper chassis is used to realize lively and open sound.
-Original Parts


$ 252,000
A new Overture with substantial improvements
Blending the high power output of Pentode EL34, with Triode's iconic richness in musicality.
Fully unleashed the wildness and dynamic of music while having all micro details expressed with textures.
Audio Note's philosophy of an ideal integrated amplifier. A simple audio system of excellent balance. Capable of giving the best from details, dynamic and musicality.

New design guideline "Cleaner with more Triode Splendidness" was refined through extracting the knowledge we learned from Kagura researches and applications.

New output transformer was designed for higher sound quality. By introducing a 3rd winding exclusively for NFB and re-calculated feedback amount, a well balance of dynamic and low distortion is realized.
Power and sound quality co-exist created by circuit re-design and re-tuning most CR values.
Power supply section is heavily improved and re-layout for outstanding channel separation.
Improved version of KONDO original silver foil signal capacitors for highest reliability.