GRID Protector

The GIGA-PULSE technology of the SCHNERZINGER® GRID PROTECTOR penetrates and clears up the entire power grid.

The substantial benefit of the GIGA-PULSE technology lies in the renunciation of problematic filters and passive components like capacitors, which are responsible for loss of dynamics, resolution and naturalness; especially at high power requirements of the power grid.

The operating principle and efficiency of the GRID PROTECTOR are unique; no other filter or conditioner on the market even comes close to accomplishing.

A single SCHNERZINGER® GRID PROTECTOR raises the potential of the entire music system to a new level!

GIGA Protector

Schnerzinger giga protector is a special high frequency suppression system with the roots in military application, but its adapted for audiophile market. The SCHNERZINGER® GIGA PROTECTOR is an adjustable 9-channel high-frequency suppression system featuring trail-blazing GIGA PULSE technology that effectively overcomes the shortcomings of the music signal with high-frequency interfering fields.

The SCHNERZINGER® GIGA PROTECTOR consists of a transmitter and receiver, the channels of which enable the user to make room adjustments. The integrated antenna are designed to cover a range of up to 5 GHz. furthermore, the control unit is capable of processing electrical current right up to triple-digit giga territory. The SCHNERZINGER® GIGA PROTECTOR is thus already equipped to satisfy future requirements courtesy of software and antenna updates.

The right product—for the ultimate results: To fully tap the potential of the SCHNERZINGER® GIGA PROTECTOR product range, we recommend discussing your requirements and fields of application with the Avantgarde Hong Kong Showroom.

Product line: 1 set consists of 2 pieces (1 transmitter and 1 receiver)