About Us


Avantgarde Hong Kong was founded in 2005. It is one of the most trustful agencies of high grade acoustic products in Hongkong. Coupled with excellent music players in different parts of the world, Avantgarde has been endeavoring to promote hifi music players with the advantage of effective management and excellent service.

Based on products of high performance and rich sales experience, Avantgarde always tries its best to make more and more music enjoyers to get benefit from it. Based in Hong kong, Avantgarde does business in distribution, retails, wholesales, professional adjustment and excellent sales service.

At present, Avantgarde is the agent of below brands:

Acoustical Systems、AMG、AMR、Audio Desk Systeme、Audion International、Benz Micro、Convergent Audio Technology、Design Acoustic、Dr. Feickert Analogue、Dohmann Helix 1、ENIGMAcoustics、First Sound Audio、Graham Audio、IFI、Ikeda Sound Lads、Kaiser Acoustis、Klaudio、Kondo Audio Note、London Decca Audio、Musical Surroundings、Neodio、Nottingham Analogue Studio、Schnerzinger、Shunyata Research、SME、Symposium、TriangleART、TW-acustic、Zellaton.

Also, we have Show room in China. Welcome to visit us!