Sonic Voice

Turntable Mat

$ 499
Turntable Mat Classic

Classic leather is a slightly polished and distinctively embossed thick leather .

This leather is characterized by its distinctive grain pattern and the particularly hard-wearing finish

Absorber Mat

$ 999
Absorber Mat Jumbo

Jumbo leather is a thick leather that has an easy-care and abrasion-resistant finish . The very coarse grain gives the leather an expressive look .

The velor leather underside of the pure leather version is particularly non-slip and therefore ideally suited for listeners who like to hear strong and loud basses.

The Absorber Mat with felt represents the premium version . The sound-enhancing properties are particularly apparent through the combination of the two different damping profiles of the leather with the scale structure of the wool fiber (100% merino wool) . As a result, the pad has a particularly sound-enhancing effect.