PICCOLO Protector

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Effective protection against critical interfering field peaks
Utilizing integrated GIGA CANCELING technology the PICCOLO PROTECTOR protects its direct environment from losing sound quality due to high frequency interfering field peaks. Due to its compact dimensions, it offers a very flexible selective assignment at several critical interfering field peaks in the listening room.

EMI Protector

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HF-interference suppression in the near field
The EMI PROTECTOR concentrates its GIGA CANCELING technology on its surroundings and protects it broadband against sound interference caused by high-frequency interfering fields.

GRID Protector

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Uncompromising power cleaning
The GRID PROTECTOR penetrates and clears up the entire domestic power grid from low and high frequency interfering fields, without slowing down current flow at all.
Via GIGA CANCELING technology the GRID PROTECTOR achieves a unique power quality, thereby redefining audiophile parameters such as resolution, dynamics and musicality.

In conjunction with the MULTI GUARDS, it ensures the ultimate power cleaning.

GIGA Protector

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Actively cleaning up of internal interfering fields
Wireless controlled GIGA GUARDs use GIGA CANCELING technology to clear up internal interfering fields, originating in the devices. From the master unit the GIGA GUARDs receive a GIGA CANCELING dejamming signal, actively penetrating the entire device and at the same time protecting the direct environment against high frequency radiation.