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$ 899,990
As our flagship preamplifier, G-1000i reaches Audio Note's highest specifications and quality standard. It is made of highest quality parts with uncompromising circuit design and layout. Our goal is simple : To get the ultimate expressions for music ! Through G-1000i, you can hear grand soundstage filled with fine presence. Your audio will sound colorful, with rich ambience yet amazing instruments positioning.

Newly developed 50 steps attenuator. The sheer volume of musical information uncovered is overwhelming.
Vacuum tubes adopted are 6072. Basic circuit is direct-coupling of plate follower and cathode follower. The parallel configuration (of plate follower) secured low output impedance for higher clarity. True balance input is added to G-1000 through adopting new in-house silver winding input transformer.
Capacitors groups are distributed along the line stage. This design serves big power supply capacity while signals loop can be shortened as much as possible.
All premium parts are used at G-1000. SSW (Silk Silver Wire), silver foil signal capacitors, original power transformer and choke are adopted. Main chassis is made of copper.
For providing a secure operating condition for G-1000, a large scale shunt type heater power supply circuit is newly used.

Product Stereo line preamplifier
Model G-1000 i
Frequency Response 8Hz ~ 280kHz (+0dB, -3dB / with 100kΩ load, Unbalanced)
15Hz ~ 90kHz (+0dB, -3dB / with 100kΩ load, Balanced)
Gain 25dB
Input / Impedance RCA 4pairs, Unbalanced / 50kΩ
XLR 1pair, Balanced (transformer, 2:Hot) / 50kΩ(12.5kΩ/12.5kΩ)
Output RCA x2, XLR x1 (unbalanced, over 20 kΩ load)
Noise less than 0.15mV
Vacuum Tubes 6072 x4, 6CA4 x2
Power consumption 41W
Dimensions Main unit 320mm(W) 160mm(H) 414mm(D)
Power supply unit 320mm(W) 160mm(H) 414mm(D)
(excluding protrusions)
Weight Main unit 17kg
Power supply unit 20kg


M7 Heritage

$ 477,990
Classic M7 preamplifier was released in the late 1980s. It gained fame along with the legendary power amplifier ONGAKU.
While maintaining the emotional sound impression of this preamplifier, it was polished with updated crafts and technologies. Base on a well-thought-out circuit and high-quality parts that were inspected further by our eyes and hands, performance is improved and matching with modern systems is also improved.
On top of specification, wide and stable sound stage, lively emotions, and low noise level are realized.

Product Stereo preamplifier
Product M7 Heritage
Model M7H
Input / Impedance Phono RCA 2pairs, Unbalanced / 47kΩ
Line RCA 3pairs, XLR 1pair, Unbalanced / 50kΩ
Output RCA x2, XLR x1 (unbalanced, over 20 kΩ load)
RIAA Declination ±0.3dB (30Hz-20kHz, Excluding LCF)
Frequency Response 8Hz ~ 280kHz (+0dB, -3dB / with 100kΩ load, Unbalanced)
Distortion (THD) 0.07% (1kHz, 1V, Line part)
Noise less than 0.15mV(Line),
less than 5mV(Phono)
Gain 25dB (Line in → Line out),
63dB (Phono in → Line out)
Vacuum Tubes ECC803S x2, 6072 x2 (Phono)
6072 x4 (Line)
EZ81 x1 (Rectification)
Power consumption 38W
Dimensions 438mm(W) 160mm(H) 330mm(D)
(excluding protrusions)
Weight 15kg


G-70 i

$ 289,990
Aiming to get the best of both worlds.
Having elegant sound and good modern specifications, G-70 use the best components which were selected after long time listening tests.
Strong power supply, optimized wirings and layout, new heater circuitry etc. All for contributing the best sound quality.
Result is in addition to the best sound quality from a tube preamplifier, G-70 also has the specifications to compete with the best solid state preamplifier.
-High quality handcrafting with module style line amplifier section, best component placements, signal wiring and ground layout.
-Strong power supply section along with 700uF huge reservoir by combining 3 types of capacitor in individual left and right channel. Delivering natural and stress-free music over the whole frequency band.
-The newly developed DC heater circuit uses all premium parts selected through long time listening tests.


Stereo line preamplifier

G-70 i

Frequency Response
10Hz ~ 240kHz (+0dB -3dB, with 100kΩ load)


Input / Impedance
4pairs(RCA, Unbalanced) / 100kΩ

2 pairs (RCA, over 20kΩ load)

lower than 0.15mV

6072 x2, 6X4 x1

Power consumption

303mm(W) 160mm(H) 408mm(D)
(Excluding protrusions)