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Hyperspace with 10" Tonearm + MC cartridge

$ 48,097 $ 29,999
A huge discount for a package with Nottingham "ACE Space Arm" 10" tonearm + Sumiko "Blue Point No.2" MC Hi Output Cartridge !!!

The Hyperspace turntable is where, as Tom Fletcher says, the magic begins. The Hyperspace is the first table in the Nottingham range to incorporate the Heavy kit and the oil pumping bearing found on the Dais and Anna Log tables higher up in the range. The oil bath bearing provides a continuous oil coating along the entire bearing and thrust pad by pulling a thin coat of oil between the spindle bearing as the platter rotates. The Hyperspace can accommodate up to two tonearms between 9" and 12" in length. The Hyperspace can be further enhanced by the addition of a Wave Mechanic Power Supply as well.