Based on the award winning tonearm with over 55 years of design excellence. The U-12 offers improved resolution, detail, dynamic range and provides a 27% angular error reduction over 9-inch tonearms.

U12 Precision Tonearm

$ 91,999
12″ (308.80mm) effective length
Avionic gimbal bearings design
Silver internal tonearm wiring
Carbon fiber wand with coaxial damping
Adjustable Vertical Tracking Angle (VTA)
Adjustable Azimuth
Damped head-shell
Clamping yoke design that firmly couples the arm-tube to the bearing tube
Rounded components for resonance control
Larger silicone fluid trough with adjustable dip stick
Tonearm rest integrated with damping trough for resonance reduction
Hardened and polished needle cones
Bearings at record height
Progressive anti-skating design
Sophisticated system of decoupled counter weights
Easy 3-screw installation, with no large VTA hole
Available in black or silver color
Triplanar U12 Tonearm
Type: Avionic gimbal bearings design
Effective Length: 308.80mm
Pivot-to-spindle distance: 295.6mm
Overhang: 13.2mm
Offset angle: 17.6°
Effective mass: 15g
Bearing offset angle: 17.6°