Classic Dampling/Isolation
Constrained Layer Platform
For Active and Passive Components
89mm thickness No practical weight limit
3 Precision Couplers included
Couplers OPTIONAL with 9x14 (half size)

ULTRA PLATFORM Size 19 " X 14"

$ 8,199
SYMPOSIUM® Ultra Platform
The Symposium Ultra Platform evolved from our first product, the Super Platform, and was created in an attempt to push the performance limits for a solid equipment platform further than had previously been possible. Experiments and listening tests in many different types of systems indicated that those aspects of the Super which could directly benefit lay in the thickness of the foam center section (which serves as a "heat sink" that converts mechanical energy to heat) and in additional constrain layering of the critical top layer. Also, a new, larger coupler was made which would provide more surface area contact between the Ultra's top and the equipment chassis.