$ 859,999

The ultimate turntable .....
reduced to the absolute maximum performance

The essence of 33 years turntable design and evolution in the APOLYT finds it's cumulation in an all-new turntable concept.

The task was to transfer the relevant and unique design features of the extremely large and heavy APOLYT into a considerably more compact and feasible format - without losing even the tiniest aspect of the all-alone sonic level provided.

All the design features and inventions which defined the unique apogee level of the APOLYT's sonic performance have now been incorporated in a much more compact and positively matured new design.

The A*STELLAR is literally the design result of “the road of excess leading to the palace of wisdom .....”

A turntable second to no other - in it's concept and sonic performance on a par with the APOLYT and superior to all others.

external power supply 45 cm x 38 cm x 14 cm

* including motor management, full dc-supply,
air suspension control.

* connection and wiring between power supply and turntable
supplied by LEMO.

* available in choice of 5 selected finishes:
metallic black, APOLYT-dark anthracite,
dark Titanium, silver and light Titanium.

* pre-drilled and perfect positioned pre-cut arm boards for
each and all tonearms desired.

* pre-assembled in 5 units - none of them exceeding 27 kg gros weight -
for easy and swift set-up.

* gros dimensions
69 cm x 48 cm x 23 cm

* gros footprint
63 x 42 cm

* net weight A*STELLAR turntable
approx 88 kg

* net weight A*STELLAR power supply
approx 18 kg

General note:
Technical data and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.