Sterling EL34 Stereo Anniversary

$ 27,500

Sterling Stereo Anniversary EL34 Hard wired

Audion Sterling Anniversary stereo is hard wired point to point using better graded components and & larger Audion wound output transformers (EI96)
hand built. This pentode based EL34 stereo amp uses a small amount of feedback in the design. The chassis is black powder coated aluminum as is the transformer cover.

The top plate and badge are mirror finished stainless steel.
This combination makes for smooth transients, good signal handling and tight response curves. There is an audible difference with the Anniversary products, due to the larger transformers and better grade components over the Mk1 printed circuit board models

Amplifier matching

This Sterling is suited for use with loudspeakers of 89db or better efficiency. Ideally matched with our range of Proton cables. The amp delivers 12 watts into 8 ohms. It can be changed internally to work with 4 ohm loudspeakers too. Options are available for this model, see upgrade options at end.

2 x 12 Watts Class A into 8 Ohms at 240V AC
8 Ohm Nominal
Distortion @ 1Watt
<0.1% No Feedback
Frequency Response
14 to >40KHz ±1 db
Variable >200mV Full output
< (CCIR) – 85 db
140 Watts
2 x EL34, 2 x 6H1N
Size -
42cm deep, 23cm tall and 19cm tall - Less tubes
Fuses -
Power 2A / 240V HT 500mA / 240V