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.DS 002 Cartridge

Traditional MM & MC cartridges rely on magnets and coils to generate the electrical signal.
The optical cartridge uses a beam of light to detect cantilever movement,
making the cartridge much lighter and more agile in tracking the record groove.
With the coils, magnets, and magnetic field of a conventional cartridge removed̶
and its subsequent influence on cantilever movement and sound quality,
the optical cartridge produces the most natural sound from vinyl LPs.

Like the more expensive DS Audio cartridges, the DS 002 cartridge body
is machined from aluminum and echoes their distinctive design for best
optical performance.
The DS 002 features an aluminum cantilever and classic Shibata stylus to
accurately reproduce the music recorded on the vinyl record album.
The DS 002ʼ s optical screen is placed near the stylus tip, together with
a newly developed wire-suspension system to hold the cantilever.
The new position of the optical screen is a breakthrough in phono
cartridge design, providing a much more accurate reading of
the groove information and contributing to clearer sound reproduction.
Notably, the cantilever is more precisely positioned within the newly
developed wire-suspension system in the DS 002.
This new structure provides a highly accurate and precise pivot point for
the cantilever, increasing channel separation to reproduce the most accurate stereo image.

DS 002 Equalizer

When designing the DS 002, we carefully evaluated each component
of the preamp/equalizer.
The updated power supply is a key part in the new design.
To ensure a high-quality power source for the preamp/equalizer,
ten 33000μF capacitors are used, providing effortless power
for the highest level of sound quality.

For outstanding signal-to-noise performance, we have incorporated
a special shielding structure in the preamp/equalizer design of the DS 002.
This shield both isolates internal noise from the power supply
while also blocking external RF and other environmental noise.
The shield is 1.5mm thick and covers the entire transformer,
which ensures the best signal-to-noise performance of the DS 002 preamp/equalizer.

Each lead of every electrical component in the DS 002 is mechanically fixed before
soldering and special wiring is added to every signal line on the printed circuit board.
These steps are taken to provide the cleanest, shortest signal path in the DS 002 circuit.
Every step may be a small improvement, but when added together brings us closer
to perfection.
After all, it is our commitment and obligation to achieve the best possible sound.

DS 002 Optical Cartridge
Signal output
Photo-electric Conversion
Output signal level
500 mV and more
Needle pressure
1.6g ~ 1,8g (1.7g is recommended)
Channel separation
25db more(1KHz)
Body material
DS 002 Equalizer for Optical Cartridge
Rated output voltage
Input terminal
RCA terminal
Output terminal
RCA terminal×2