9Gss 24K Gold Plated

$ 69,999

Ikeda's new top model 9Gss 24k Gold limited edition. Only 200 are made of this and two of these are on their way to the motherland. This is the absolute world class dynamics and finesse!

Electromagnetic Generator:
Moving Coil (MC)
Output Voltage:
0.3 mVrms (1kHz 35.4 mm/sec. at 45° peak)
Coil Impedance:
3.0 ohms (1kHz)
Appropriate Stylus Force:
2.0 grams ± 0.1 grams
Frequency Response Range:
10Hz ~ 45kHz
Channel Separation:
Over 30 dB (1kHz)
Stylus Chip:
Solid pure square diamond
Channel Balance:
Within 1.0 dB (1kHz)
Made of pure Boron
14.0 grams|
10 x 10 -6cm/dyne
Change of stylus:
Change of generator unit including stylus coil

– Connecting terminal:

Right channel: Hot — Red <> Ground — Green

Left channel: Hot — White <> Ground — Blue

* The total gross weight for the combination of 9Gss and 24K Gold

plated head-shell will be around 32.75 grams