$ 333,990

In order to provide delicate details and high dynamic for wide variety of music, this unit is designed with great deliberation using famous Pentode EL34 in a new designed push-pull circuitry. Values of each part and current are set precisely so that tube power amplifier could drive modern speakers well.

Push-pull circuit further refined from Overture
The first stage and driver stage are direct coupled, and a new generation pure silver foil capacitors with vibration suppression are used for coupling with the output stage. Moreover, the low impedance design of the whole circuit is aimed the direct sound performance. The output stage continue to employ CCB (constant current bias circuit). The music signal is prevented from flowing into the bias adjustment VR, enabling pure signal transmission.

Optimized wiring
Internal wirings are skillfully arranged so that shortest paths and best performance are obtained. SSW (Silk Silver Wire) are used for internal wirings. Ls-41 are used for paths in which shielding are needed.

Super High Quality Parts
All parts were carefully chosen after massive hours of listening tests. Silver foil capacitors, silver lead resistors, SSW silk silver wires, Ls-41 shield cable, Audio Note custom made output transformers and power transformer. All CR part are carefully selected and arranged.
Product EL34 Push-Pull stereo power amplifier
Rated Power 32W + 32W @1kHz, 1% THD
Frequency Response 6Hz ~ 110kHz (+0dB -3dB @ 1W)
Input / Impedance 2pairs (RCA, XLR, unbalanced) / 70kΩ
Output 4Ω, 8Ω
Noise lower than 0.5mV
Vacuum tube EL34 x4, 12BH7 x2, 6072 x2
Power consumption 180W
Dimension 438mm(W) 204mm(H) 369mm(D)
(excluding protrusions)
Weight 26kg
*Due to the characteristic of the vacuum tubes used, it takes around 15 minutes to reach nominal sound quality and performance level.