$ 112,990

Based on our silver wire application know-how compiled over years, we applied all our transformer winding skills and understandings of wire diameter versus sound characters. The new SFz is a result of full exploit of the excellent sound characteristic of pure (99.99%) silver.
Complete freshness which awakes the delicate power of music expression over a quiet space.
It is the ultimate pleasure for any analog lover.

- Newly developed multi-layers balanced style winding structure. Together with the use of pure silver wires, rich sound with refine smoothness is obtained.
- A large size core laminated of extremely thin 0.1 mm permalloy, realizing low loss and low distortion.
- Double shields structure made of a permalloy case and a pure copper inner case.
- Double float mechanical damping by special selected materials.
- Signal output is direct with minimum connections. Flagship silver cable Ls-41 is used as output cable.
- The chassis is made of pure copper to guarantee open sound and stable sound.

MC step-up transformer
Primary impedance
1.5Ω (for 1Ω~10Ω cartridge),
30Ω (for 11Ω~40Ω cartridge)
Step-up ratio
34dB(1.5Ω), 20dB(30Ω)
Load impedance
126mm(W) 96mm(H) 179mm(D)
(excluding protrusions)