SUPER PLUS Size: 19" X 24 "

$ 11,699

Symposium designed the Super Platform to satisfy the problems and requirements of equipment support from a perspective which takes into consideration not only isolation, but also energy drainage out of equipment. The original Super Platform was the first dedicated equipment base to use symmetrical constrained layer damping with metal top and bottom layers.

The Super Plus is the direct descendant of Symposium's first product, the Super Platform, which was developed in 1992 and first introduced as a retail product in 1993. Originally built as a practical sonic foundation for use beneath power amplifiers on floors, it has proven to be a versatile system accessory, benefitting virtually all components, including CD players and digital transports, analog turntables, preamps, amps, separate power supplies, power conditioners, active crossover networks, loudspeakers, and more. Further, its usefulness is not confined to audio, since it also improves performance with video equipment.

Total thickness
2.75 inches (7 cm)
Double constrain-layered, clear-anodized aluminum
Anodized aluminum
4 Precision Couples
Weight Limit:
1000+ lbs (450 kg), uniformly distributed